omiya construction to grant a dream
Representative greetings
The omiya construction performed a real estate administrative task since company founding of 2008 led by the south group in the Mie prefecture including Matsusaka-shi.
I thank for this with a gift of kindness of owner for many years, resident and business partner, the instruction deeply entirely.
With giving first priority to environment, owner and resident, I suggest the plan that the needs of all of you had and think that it is our role to provide the high technology that is necessary for the practice.
To have more patronage in future; thank you for your cooperation.
Representative director Hideyuki Nishioka
Buying and selling article
I have a large number of article information to meet various requests of the visitor.
If there is an article to be worried about, please feel free to contact us.
House for sale
Business, profit article
Leasehold property
I stand in the situation of the visitor and, based on abundant article information, help with search for wonderful article.
Please drop in casually.
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