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Apartment apartment

Apartment apartment

RecommendTiara II
Property management No.008010
Property typeWage charges

(Administration and other fees)

Floor plan
Exclusive possession area
Age of building
463-5, Takamachi, Matsusaka-shi
Approximately 5 minutes by car from JR, Kintetsu "Matsusaka" station
Cooperative house



24 year

【Trade aspect】Mediation (intermediation)【Update date】2016-03-15【Next update date】At any time
  • The appearance
    • The appearance
2DK of an extensive space!
Recommend point
It is a regular quiet location of the house environment. It is good to new life!
8 tatami DK of an extensive space. The restroom bus is a separate type.
The storing is plentiful, too.
Floor plan・Map
which is crowded for a parking fee
1 stand including nearest station JR, Kintetsu "Matsusaka" station
fee for common service , and there are expense
rent guarantee 28,000 yen (first time, one year update 10,000 yen) or other in
key money nothing
deposit 2 ka month, household effects insurance 19,000 yen (modifiable update, a plan for two years)
structure steel-frame building slate * 2 stories
layout 2DK
present conditions vacancy in immediately
Condition / Facility shoe cupboard / kitchen / gas ring setting possible / hot water supply / 1/ / / / 1/ / / / 1/ / / 1/ / 1/ / / 1/ / 1/ 1/ 1/ / / /
An elementary school of old China precinct: A junior high school precinct approximately 18 minutes on foot from the fourth elementary school: Kamata Junior High School bicycle approximately eight minutes
【omiya construction】
[Address] 384-1, Chuocho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie
[License・Qualification] Governor of Mie (2) 3068
[Member organizations] Association of Mie residential land building business business
[ Opening hours ] 
You can see property information on mobile device once you read barcode reader.
omiya construction
384-1, Chuocho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie
TEL: 0598-30-5566
FAX: 0598-30-5565
Real estate transactions
Sale, purchase, intermediation
Residential land building thing business supplier driver's license
Governor of Mie (3) 3068
omiya construction
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