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Entering advice

Moving before entering

1.About a contract

A lease contract is an important document indicating the condition of the rental contract that a landlord and a tenant agreed. As usage may be limited, you confirm the contents of "the lease" once again, and please be careful to follow a rule and a promise. In addition, with the documents such as "the important matter manuals" which you received in the case of a contract until a contract performs the end (withdrawal), please keep it carefully.

2.Confirmation of the article situation

Facilities do not have abnormality by all means before using the room; or on a floor, a wall, a ceiling a wound please confirm whether is clean. This becomes the important document to select an expense burden of the restitutio in integrum at the time of the leaving as.

3.Precaution at the time of the moving

●The moving is busy. Let's push forward work in various procedures such as electricity, gas, water supply, the telephone smoothly with time margin. As a trouble such as a rate before the beginning to use being demanded may occur when I do not perform a procedure surely, please be careful.
●Let's perform the address changes such as transference, a notice of the change of address, a driver's license, a bank, postal savings, insurance, the credit card without forgetting it.
●Without forgetting the greetings to the neighborhood. Another person than a far-off relative nearby. When I was in trouble, I may be taken care of. A neighborhood association, the residents' association support your life by local information, crime prevention, anti-disaster measures.

The precaution that I am entering

1.Various procedures

●Payment of the rent
On the date of payment, please confirm amounts of money. As late charges are caused when payment is late, and a contract may be canceled, please be careful.
●Change of contract contents
When the change of the resident and the change of the contract matter occur, let's contact the supplier of the window by all means.
●Neighborhood association
When participation is required, you enroll by all means, and please perform it without forgetting the delivery of the fee or the arrangement of the circular notice. The interchange with local people is helpful for comfortable life, too.

2.About overall life

●Rule of the getting out garbage
A classification, a collection method varies according to an area. You classify it well, and please dispose of the garbage by "the method that is appropriate to the place decided on a day selected" as.
●The noise
Please warn him enough in the daytime as even sound and vibration (the use of opening and shutting, the stairs of drainage, a vacuum cleaner, the door of a restroom, the bath) not to be worried about that much may be a nuisance to the neighborhood early in the morning the middle of the night. In addition, the performances such as musical instruments are not possible except when use is admitted by contract.
●Breeding of the pet
I cannot breed the pet except when it is admitted. In addition, when you are admitted, you note a cry and bad-smelling falling hair, the outbreak of the chisel tick, and prevent you from being a nuisance to the neighboring. When the smell that I cannot deodorize even if a pet breeding damages a sliding paper-door, a shoji, a pillar or I clean a house remains, please be careful enough as compensation for damages responsibility occurs.
●Common use part
A corridor, entrance hall, a porch are common use parts of all the residents. As we trouble the neighborhood when we leave private properties and garbage, a container, a bicycle of the home delivery of cooked foods and may disturb the refuge at the time of the disaster, let's stop it.
●Parking lot (when there is a contract)
Please park in the appointed place. Let's be careful about the accident in the parking lot. Please be careful about children in particular. In addition, please be careful so that children do not play at a parking lot. Illegal parking and the parking without permission might disturb a fire engine, an ambulance, the traffic of the police car in emergency.
●Bicycle parking lot
A bicycle, the motorcycle reduce you properly to the decided place, and you put it, and please lock it by all means.

Update, the cancellation of a contract

Precaution at the time of the update

When a contract expiration day approaches (it usually becomes the contract for 2 years by leases), guidance of the update arrives. I will confirm it by all means by any chance when there is not guidance. I perform the procedure of the update by a predetermined method. If there are questions, please refer to the real estate company.

Precaution at the time of the cancellation of a contract

When you cancel it, please connect with the real estate company within the cancellation of a contract notice period of contract mention. When the period until a cancellation of a contract day does not reach a designated cancellation of a contract notice period, let's warn you as we will bear the amount of rent equivalency of the amount. In addition, send "a report of cancellation of a contract" by all means to the real estate company as the communication only over a telephone may cause the trouble.

Indoor check

At the time of the withdrawal, you must do the restitutio in integrum such as the rooms which you used. The deterioration part by the secular variation is not included in a restitutio in integrum expense basically and will bear the repair expense about a dirt and the wound by remodeling and the fault by the intention. This expense offsets it with a deposit and pays for addition when return, lack occur when there is a surplus. You check what kind of state a building and facilities change in in comparison with entering, and please check the indoor check by attendance by all means to prevent a future trouble.

Precaution at the time of the withdrawal

Let's be careful about the following points at the time of the withdrawal.

●Withdrawal inspection of a meter such as electricity, gas, the water supply
The withdrawal inspection of a meter such as electricity, gas, the water supply connects with each charge office in degree one week ago of the moving, and please pay the difference at the rate until a withdrawal day. I add it to the thing that I do not use and may be requested without being able to distinguish it from the utilities that I used after a withdrawal day when I do not pay the difference. It is convenient when I prepare for the receipts which a visitor number is listed in. I call the 116th about the telephone and will file for a move or the stop.
●Loss of cleaning and the baggage of the room
In the case of the withdrawal, you are careful about loss of cleaning and the baggage of the room, and prevent you from leaving the throwaways. When incombustibles and recyclable waste, the oversized garbage do not get rid premeditatedly, I may not dispose on withdrawal daily allowance day. A throwaway is left, and wage charges for the days when a processing expense and garbage were left separately may be demanded by any chance when cleaning is insufficient.
●About a key
Please return all the key handed at the time of entering. When I am lost, I will have one set of key made newly, and the actual expenses may be demanded. In addition, I will have you hand it and dispose if there is the thing which I copied.
●About mail
The mail to the former address is transferred to the new address only for one year when I submit a notice of the address change (there is the paper at the post office) to the nearest post office.
●About a delivery
Please inform me of stopping deliveries such as a newspaper, the milk.
●Procedure of the moving
Please submit a notice of the address change to the government office of the municipality.
Without forgetting the greetings to the neighborhood.
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