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Purchase manual


1.I try to think from a deposit

When I purchase a house, I generally borrow a home loan, but the constant amount of money must prepare as "down payment" from a fund. This down payment is usually said more than "20% of the price". In other words, I understand the indication of "the sum to be able to buy" if I count it backward so that a deposit on hand becomes 20% of the price. But it costs a tax or the fee when I buy a house. As it is a principle to cover these miscellaneous expenses (※) with a fund, deposits more than 20% of the price are actually necessary.
※"5% of prices" are used, and the indication for miscellaneous expenses is said to be "7% of prices" by new construction. I can count an approximate sum (the amount of purchasability) to be able to buy backward if I break the sum of the deposit in "0.27" with down payment of 20% if I build the sum of the deposit in total if "0.25" is used.

2.I try to think from yearly income

A price to be able to buy a home loan by "how much is it owed?" is affected. The sum that I can borrow is fixed "how much can you return it?". I can judge this "forehead to be able to turn around" from yearly income. It is usual to pay the ratio of annual loan refundment among the yearly income (yearly income burden rate) to around 25%. I can calculate the sum of the approximate home loan that I can borrow if I calculate "forehead to be able to turn around" from yearly income. I count an approximate "sum to be able to buy" backward from this "sum that I can borrow".

Rearranging of requirements

I demand it from the new family

Is generous; if budget, arrange the requirements of the desired house next.
At first the dissatisfaction for the naturally present house should become clear when I begin to write the reason why you buy a house, and a house raises its reason that I came to want. It becomes the condition of the new house to cancel them. I will nominate concrete requirements for the cause in it.


Means of the intelligence

(1) Meeting of the information magazine (2) newspaper (3) handbill (4) direct mail (5) signboard (6) friend
If information gathers, I consider whether at first it matches one's requirements.

I check correspondence and the reliability of the real estate company!

When I ask the real estate company, the way of correspondence of the person in charge checks the pivot at the same time, too. One speech of the telephone shows it whether you give a faithful response. It may be said that the check of the real estate company is very important if I think about the thing after the purchase including the maintenance in after. There is the method to check "a supplier list" in the immovable industrial charge department of the government office to confirm the reliability of the real estate company. The past business results of the real estate company or an administrative deposition career, the situation of assets are listed in a list and can read the license number of the real estate company which is written on handbills at a window if they tell.

Local visit

1.Checkpoint of the apartment

・How is a view and the noise? (sounds of an interval, a road and the factory with neighboring buildings)
・In the case of vacant lands, does the construction plan not have neighboring land?
・How is lighting, the ventilation of each living room?
・How thick is the concrete of a wall and the floor?
・How does the layout of the vertical and horizontal dwelling unit turn out? (careful about contacting parts)
・Some sound insulation classes of the flooring. (less than L45 are desirable)
・How long is there the depth of the balcony? (1.5m or more are desirable)
・Can the electric capacity increase only which in quantity in the future?
・What line can you increase the telephones to?
・Are a position and the number of outlets appropriate? (think about the position of the furniture)
・Are there sleep (hole) and the outlet for the air-conditioner in each room? Is the position appropriate?
・How many things are there the parking lot for? Does one's car enter? (when particularly mechanical)
・How much is the number of the bicycle parking lot? (more than 200% of number of houses are desirable)
・What happens in a usage, the use time for facilities for common use?
・Is there the long-term repair plan? (20 years or more are desirable)
・Administrative expense, the sum of the repair financial reserve hold good. (as for the new financial reserve 6,000 yen a month an indication)
・Do a management agreement, the management trust contract follow the model of the Ministry of Construction?
・How does the regime turn out? (the manager is permanent residence or commuting)
・How does the guarantee rule of the after-sale service turn out? (target part, period)
※Please ask the person in charge of the real estate company about the item not to know only by having seen it.

2.Single-family checkpoint

When the field observes the single-family house, there is a checkpoint unlike the apartment. When you must judge it only from a drawing with the unfinished article in the urban area without the model house, I come out. In addition, you should ask neighboring inhabitants the reputation of neighborly relations and the school. I should have possibilities to notice only after I hear it.

・The former situation (what kind of building stood what kind of use it was) of the site
・The shopping information such as a mall or the supermarket.
・The rules of neighborly relations in the town block.
・The reputation about the educational facility including the school.
・The amusement places such as parks, recreation facilities.
・Weekdays, the congestion of each weekend neighboring road.
・Image condition of TV (including BS, the CS).
・Are there not the noise and the smell to be worried about in the outskirts?
・What kind of road is it that a site contacts? (the width is what m or private road)
・How is the sun and the drainage (I check it on a rainy day) of the site?
・Do you perform ground investigation?
・Does basic concrete not have the deep crazing?
・Do a glass marble and a golf ball not only unidirectionally roll in each room?
・Open and close a door and a window and do it, and is there not the place to fall into?
・I walk the floor, and are there not sinking and the creak?
・I look in in the ceiling and the floor bottom, and is there not the funny point?
・Does the drainage of a bathroom and the washing face reach smoothly?
・Are there any quake resistance, consideration and invention for durable up?
・Are there any consideration and invention for the energy saving? (high insulation, high airtightness)
・Can coverage ratio, floor area ratio afford? (I influence easy extension and/or alteration)
・Is the position of the window not opposite to the window of the neighboring house?
・Is area of each living room enough? (as for the LD, 6 tatami or more are desirable for the living room more than 10 tatami)
・Where is the storage space how long? (more than 6% of building areas an indication)
・Is there not the step on the floor? (it is desirable for there not to be it if possible)
・Where is a position to put furniture on hand?
・A layout, a line of flow that the housework is easy to do the water rotation including the kitchen.
・Is the climbing up and down of stairs safe? (slope, area, slipper of the tread)
・When there is burden iron of the water supply, how much is it?
・Is the gas city gas or propane? (much better city gas)
・Does one's car enter the parking space?
・Is there space to put a bicycle?
・What happens to contents and the system of the after-sale service?
※For the case that malfunction was over after entering, I will check the maintenance system in the after of the real estate company.

I make a plan financially

At the time of a loan contract

●Guarantee charges
Guarantee charges to pay to association of guarantee. Transfer is common. In the case of a government finance company, it becomes the lump sum payment.
●Group credit life insurance special contract charges
Life insurance to be included for the death and a severe disability. But, in the case of bank loan, a bank may bear a premium.
●Special contract fire premium
In the case of a government finance company, pension financing, I am liable for the participation. Annual payment by the transfer is common. In addition, the earthquake insurance is arbitrary.
●Office work fee
I am said to be the financing fee. The amount of money varies according to a financial institution and a house to purchase.
※When I tie it and borrow money, it costs an office work fee newly.

The money left over settlement

●The money left over of the purchase price
With the sum except the deposit which I already paid from a price, I often pay by a check.
●Brokerage fee
I pay the remainder which I paid at the time of a sales contract to the intermediation company in cash and a check.

The registration

●Registration and license tax
The necessary amount of a tax varies according to the house which I purchased, but has you leave it at the judicial scrivener in cash and pay it.
●Registration representation fee
I pay to a judicial scrivener in cash. Other than the legal reward, transportation expenses or the restriction costs (daily allowance) to the Legal Affairs Bureau are included, too.

At the time of entering

●Moving expense
When I ask the moving company, it takes it. It varies according to quantity of distance and the baggage.
●Repair financial reserve, water supply burden iron
Repair financial reserve is a new single-family house, and water supply burden iron is necessary in the new apartment.


Checkpoint at the time of the sales contract

I have you copy an important matter manual beforehand and I make an unidentified point clear and attend at briefing sessions. What I do not understand, the unidentified thing ask the charge of the real estate company a question enough, and I understand the contents of the contract well if I can understand, and a signature seals it. There is the case applying for payment and the loan of the deposit to then.

After the purchase

Profit when you do what you should do after the purchase

Let's report various taxes after the purchase. Without as there is the case which a tax is reduced by declaring, and is returned, forgetting it! It is the report of various taxes to be the most important by a procedure after the purchase. As a general rule, the report of the real estate acquisition tax is less than 60 days after the purchase. In addition, reduction and return will be received by parents when I receive financial support and use a loan by making a final income tax return.

■ Report of the tax
●Real estate acquisition tax
Report the real estate acquisition tax within principle 60 days if you purchase a house. 3% are basics, but, in the case of residence use, as for the tax rate, will be largely reduced for a property tax valuation if they meet a constant condition.
●Exception of the donation
It is tax-free to 3 million yen when I do a final income tax return in the next year when I received a donation when I receive financial support from parents and purchase a house, and the part to 3 million yen super 15 million yen comes to have lighter tax rate than usual.
●Home loan subtraction
When I purchase a house using a home loan, a part of the income tax that was collected when I make a final income tax return returns for up to 15 years. If it is an office worker, the system is such that subtraction is received by a year-end tax adjustment after the second year.

■ I ease return
●Advanced payment
"Advanced payment" means that I am paying back the loan and turn around large amount of forehead, but a return burden should considerably lighten when I perform advanced payment from the high loan of the interest rate if deposits collect.

As it is low interest situation, it is unlikely, but there is the method "that I refinance" if an interest rate falls in the middle of return now.

■ Maintenance of the house
●Single-family house
The life of the house is greatly prolonged by maintaining a roof and the basics, an outer wall regularly.
The common use part performs it by a management union unit, but it is necessary to maintain the indoor occupation part by a hand of oneself.
●If malfunction occurs
We confirm whether we are the warranty liability, and let's use an after-sale service system very much.

After entering

Main procedure

・Moving notice of the resident's card
・Change of the seal registration
・Report of transfer (in the case of a public elementary and junior high school)
・Transference of the telephone
・Electricity, gas, report of the water supply
・Address change of the bank, cancellation of a contract procedure
・Address change of the driver's license
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