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Inquiry of owner

"An expert" of the real estate management meets it.

Experience-rich professional staff asks about a condition hope of owner.
At first please feel free to consult me.

About the input is careful

・Please input all the kana letters with full size.
・※The seal is an input required item.
・If input is over, please click "contents confirmation" below.
・As it becomes the contents confirmation screen, I confirm input contents and I click "the transmission" and am completion.

Inquiry form of owner

The name ※required
Furigana ※required
Zip code
※An example: 123-4567
The metropolis and districts
Address, name
Phone number ※required
※An example: 012-345-6789
FAX number
※An example: 012-345-6789
E-mail address ※required

 Only as for note) half size alphanumeric character
Inquiry contents ※required
omiya construction
384-1, Chuocho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie
TEL: 0598-30-5566
FAX: 0598-30-5565
Real estate transactions
Sale, purchase, intermediation
Residential land building thing business supplier driver's license
Governor of Mie (3) 3068
omiya construction
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