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To owner of the unoccupied house


Do you not effectively utilize an unoccupied house, vacant land?

To the town where anyone who does not occur of the unoccupied house can live in in peace

  So that ... unoccupied house does not turn into "danger"; ...

In late years the total house number of houses of the country exceeds the number of the total households while low birthrate and aging advances, and population decline society is becoming the real thing, and outbreak, the increase of the unoccupied house becomes the problem nationwide.
 I hear a lot a voice that damage and vacant land to catch a fire by the fire from the unoccupied house which was next become the gathering place and cause peace and order aggravation while I did it this way, and the uneasiness of disaster prevention, the crime prevention that an unoccupied house, vacant land gives the various places of local inhabitants is big.

In us, the inquiries of "the unoccupied house" increase from the people of the urban area in hope of a person of transfer and rural living and effectively utilize "an unoccupied house" and can plan domiciliation promotion by introducing as a house to accept person of transfer, UJI turn. I transmit local information (there is go with group the events of the ward) to a measure to prevent the deterioration of the unoccupied house in total, a new resident beforehand, and it is necessary to wrestle for the domiciliation promotion including the measure to introduce with measures and a house and work place and a set preventing the trouble with local people from occurring in cooperation with area inhabitants and a company in the town block.

When I think about an unoccupied house
, vacant land, not "... which has become an unoccupied house, the vacant land," I protect it for valuable resources, resources in a plus thought, "there is an unoccupied house, vacant land!" and keep it in good condition, and what I continue using is important.

 Please feel free to consult me to us if you think available land "to want to lend it, and to want to sell" as single-family house and residential land.
As both where a hesitation is seen and the real estate assessment appear free, please refer by all means.

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