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Lease manual

Flow of the lease contract

Flow of the lease contract

1.I look at the article well
A rented house, an apartment apartment will identify all real articles well.

2.I submit an entering application
When there is the article which I liked, I fill in an entering application with a predetermined matter.
A joint surety is necessary for an entering application. Let's get approval toward the relative (parent, brothers) beforehand. 
At the same time, I may take an entering application fee. The entering application fee is allotted to the entering expense at the time of the contract.

3.Entering examination
The entering examination by an owner and the article management company is carried out and judges it whether I contract, and it is established.
There is the case which the addition of the joint surety is demanded from.

If entering examination goes, I begin a contract procedure.
You bring a required document, a contract deposit, and, in the office of the real estate company, please do a signature, sealing in response to the explanation of the lease.
When a joint surety cannot come together, prior communication is necessary.

5.Delivery of the key
The delivery of the key becomes (after contract completion) after all documents presentation.
When entering checks a room once again if a possibility becomes, and there is trouble, damage, please contact us or an owner.

The money that is necessary at the time of a lease

The money that is necessary at the time of a lease

Usually for 1-3 months of the rent. If I am used as the repair costs at the time of withdrawal, and there is the balance, it is demanded repayment separately.
When there is it with "repayment", the amount of money depending on the ratio is used as the repair costs and is not refunded under any circumstance.

■Key money
Usually for 0-3 months of the rent. I do not come back at the time of withdrawal.

In the form of rent before the end of the month paying for next month, in the case of a contract on the way, I usually often pay daily rate rent and rent for next month at the time of a contract in a month.

■Brokerage fee
It is a share for one month of rent, the parking fee. A consumption tax depends on a brokerage fee.

■Fire premium
Please take out the fire insurance for household effects by all means.
The premium is judged from update by deferred floor space for 1 through 2 during the insurance period.

■Rent guarantee charges
The guarantee charges are judged from update by rent for two years for the term of a guarantee.

The documents which are necessary at the time of a lease

The documents which are necessary at the time of a lease

1.The public identification card which person confirmation can play
Driver's license, passport, health insurance books

In the case of the contract conclusion, the person is possible with the private seal. In the case of substitution, I attach a registered seal, certification of a seal impression.

3.Resident's card (thing within three months)
The resident's card of a contractor and the lodger is necessary.

4.The registration document
The registration document for the parking vehicle may be necessary.

5.Income proof (thing within three months)
The tax payment certificates of a withholding slip and the guarantor of the person may be necessary.

6.Seal certificate (thing within three months)
The certification of a seal impression of the guarantor is necessary by all means.

In the case of unemployment, a pensioner, a public charge, a minor, a contractor comes to need predetermined documents separately.
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